Useful Wedding Planning Tips from Event Coordinators

Are you opting to single handedly plan your upcoming event? If yes then you should be ready with this kind of challenge as not all couples wanted to do so due to the stress it gives. The first thing that you should do is heed advice coming from professional event coordinators. Planning your wedding without prior experience is a suicide if you are not guided.


Here are some of the top wedding planning tips from best event coordinators, which could be very helpful not only to you but also to other first time brides:

Planning ahead is still the most effective way if you want to make your wedding perfect and memorable. With enough time to plan, you will be able to reduce the price, customize the design or style of your wedding, and will have enough time to relax. As a bride, it is a must that relaxation is part of the routine. You can’t walk the aisle looking stressed.

Once you have set the date for your wedding, the next thing to plan is the venue or location of the reception. There are two types of receptions for your wedding, the one which also holds the ceremony, and the other is a type of reception that does not include the chapel. If your aim is to save cash, you can go for the first one because you no longer need to rent wedding limos and other type of transportation for your guests. But if you want the reception to be separated, you can choose the latter. Always think of your location. Make sure that it is accessible at the same time easy to find. Check http://thebelltoweron34th.com for best option.

If you are already decided to be a hands-on in your event, make sure that you are well guided by getting a consultant. You cannot always risk everything by planning it by yourself without receiving any guidance. The last thing you need to worry about is you forgot to order desserts for your reception. With guidance from the consultant, you can always stay on track.

Another problem that most weddings encounter is the tendency of the guests not to occupy the seats on the front. Worry not because there is a trick on how to lure them to sit in front. You can put a “Reserved” sign on the seats at the back so that they will sit in front. One the tables and chairs are occupied, you can start removing the sign at the back so that it will be evenly filled.

To lessen yourself from the burden, you can always utilize the help of your friends and bridesmaids. It is not all the time that you get to handle everything else. Putting an extra weight will only slow down the price. Try to divide the work and everything else will just fall into places.

These top wedding planning tips from best event coordinators are really helpful and proven to be effective. Nothing beats a wedding that is being planned ahead of time. It is stress free and will give you a lot of time to interact with your guests.